Shira Dentz

is beauty jumping a Bay

meringue evening-sky
nowhere as much beauty as on the Gulf,
but reminds in a soft-spoken way—
trees laden with dark green toss gently
though nowhere as dramatic as palm trees,
all different kinds.
no Bay.
no mullet fish jumping,

though upstairs a neighbor’s legs lunge on creaking floorboards
“moody,” says the now-starched evening sky
leaves on different branches
kiss and nestle
again and again
bird sounds flicker
rushing cars could be waves humping shore
I don’t mean to write a celebration,
not even in hindsight (nostalgia)
sky a tunnel now
tonight nowhere is dashing

night tree

squirrels of time
petit fours; birds landing, pecking, dithering, somnabulist tree spider in the
neighborhood why o why might I ask the stars the sky marbled with fat the trees
satin with delight arm-wrestling for sure don’t be picky for when the snarls come
o to see exposed roots—

on its word? mother
bark so-help
zero in the nearing; the inevitable night, zero afterwards.

a/my/the race—

time for a “connected” mother
“connected”? in this mother, in nearing death, there’s: word?
it’s for the given, given, mother, I race this maternal instinct night tree

veins, membranes, shine. light left stranded.
—texture-wise, fragile veins of luminosity. light, of of fragile flicker light

sun on a mantle

still lines
waiting to converge
characters       tiny hearts

air made of statues,
ghosts of the living, in my case,
and case is a home
for many things.

Shira Dentz is the author of five full-length books, black seeds on a white dish (Shearsman), door of thin skins (CavanKerry), how do i net thee (Salmon Poetry), the sun a blazing zero (Lavender Ink/Diálogos, forthcoming), and Sisyphusina (PANK, forthcoming), and two chapbooks, Leaf Weather (Shearsman), and FLOUNDERS (Essay Press). Her writing appears widely in journals including Poetry and The American Poetry Review, and she is the recipient of awards including Poetry Society of America’s Lyric Poem Award.
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