Jerome Sala

To ‘Content’

you are like a word-picture-video flow
whose every element is special, but as part of a feed
(feeding whom?)
        also generic

a textual form of meat product:
like the old Aristotelian notion of ‘substance’
nothing in itself
but the something out of which all is made

like the Buddhist notion of emptiness
a zero
with the psychedelic possibilities
of the 10,000 things
not to mention
the 84,000 forms of illumination
(but whose samsaric version
most often manifests
as a googol’s worth of banalities)

like Marx’s ‘value’
made labor
between a bricklayer
a dog walker
a shoeshine boy
and an atomic scientist
if translated into proportionate measure
of time, effort and general difficulty
or ease
so you
like Marx’s dad
turn quality
into quantity
helping to accomplish
in your case
not the discovery of the ‘Absolute’
but the absolutely
of all

great spew
that talks
from its own errors and ours
from our massive stupidity
and occasional brilliance

you dance with a life of your own
like coffee does
over the world market
doing our living for us
so we can dip into your
energizing stream
when exhausted
or check in with you
for a little daily enervation
when we are too hyped up to function
in the requisite depressed robotic
or positively positive-mental attitude fashion

then go back to work
or forced leisure
making voids
in the void
for angry
or ecstatic
to fill the voids
of their oblong coffin
or birth channel
and ours

with more content!

Jerome Sala’s work has appeared in The Nation, Pleiades, Brooklyn Rail, Ping Pong, Best American Poetry, and others. His latest book is Corporations Are People, Too! from NYQ Books.
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