Mark Young

The Avid Trainer

A man walks past dolls for sale near the French Quarter.

He is shaped like a stress ball & has a large area set aside for the printing of a logo.

He feels it is important to focus his shoulder workout mainly around the side deltoid if he wants to maintain width. Eventually, he uses low-contrast grayscale stimuli.

By adding free form amino acids, cardio will actually put finishing touches on his every body part.

The dolling term for this is Frakendolling

This animation is copyrighted.

The early

sonnets of Michelangelo,
those composed whilst
on a limited folic acid
intake, are so twisted
in upon themselves
they have become
both water-resistant
& washable. Even so,

that insane artistry,
the multiple narrative
perspectives, the forward-
thinking use of glass—
all still tempt like fresh
raspberries at the local store.

Turncoat Harmony

Last month, at the
Harmony Palace
restaurant, banquet

politics was ditched
in favor of com-
promise. With history

constantly zigzagging
around, the single
track has become a

bottleneck & linear
teleology dropped
in favor of a tribal

circling which appears
to completely contradict
our ideas of a usable

piece of furniture. I am
broke as hell. I take
the witness stand for

a second day. Someone
is manipulating me
using mind magic.

A line from C. P. Cavafy

The theater is dark.
I have a season
ticket. I will only get
to use it if the sun

arrives dressed in
a vintage blazer &
skinny military
cargos. I keep the

windows open. I
experience fragrance
burnout. I place it
gently in the cupboard.

Mark Young’s most recent books are the downloadable “Asemic Colon,” from The Red Ceilings Press, & a 600-page selection of work written during the past four years, “The Codicils,” from Otoliths.
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