Brad Vogler

Six Poems from my radius, a small stone


here device wants for sure(ness)




this                                                       leads                                                       there

a line

where want want(s) goes/                                         to go
go to

this broken rush
          I broken
                  this rushed

some called way



this learning/re

an otter came before others (hedgehog)
                                                                in your liking/looking

an order of sorts

other of place today


mudded boots
                           the earth does/holds

boot direction
       and desire

depth of such words



too much to hold/

a want for telling
some uncontained way/s

saying dear is not enough

dear become [ ] (not erasure)

mapped and

too afraid of/
                                 too quiet of


a vocabulary
                [ ]



 re              ing

urge              shore      ward

shore/coast          shift

                                                                           /coast     ing
                                                                           re          worded

                                                                           [ ]
                                                                           intricate ship
                                                                           thing well
                                                                           in my heart



an unsteady mapping
           the inevitable surrounds

it’s easy to consider destination
           a desired pointplace

but [ ]
                      unsteady as water/
                            an endless movement of record


[ ]       outlined/
                     not empty

name of all the words I’d write



sounds a closeness/

there are problems

a spelling implies stasis

a voicing fluidity

[ ] name/s/d
    one spells stillness

                surprised each after and other


[ ]


Author’s note:

The poems here are from a project called my radius, a small stone. The [ ] appears in Kate Greenstreet’s “case sensitive,” and as she notes is from the correspondence between Zukofsky and Niedecker and indicates “…a signal of deep caring for which words dare not and need not be found.” The italicized “intricate ship / thing well / in my heart,” is from Alice Notley’s “Alice Ordered Me to be Made.”

Brad Vogler’s poems have appeared in places which include: Free Verse, Versal, Barzakh, and Word for/Word, and he has work forthcoming in Volt, Jacket2, Dear Sir, and Bestoned. He builds and maintains the website for Delete Press, and is the editor/web designer of Opon. His first chapbook, “Fascicle 30,” was recently released from Little Red Leaves Textile Series.
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