Thomas Fink

Yinglish Strophes 31

They don’t recognize you

the minute they get
elected. Before—they’re all
over you. Marriage optimum

a beautifully soul to
with. My cousins for
youngest bashful always on
the outlook. Is brisket
shopping this? Retrospect that

forty, fifty—a glimpse
may have then to
quality a soul. Finds
the take with the
give. Trying to equal.
Attentive some days enough
be marital. Or political.

Yinglish Strophes 32

Are you going for

dinner out? “Moderation too
much”—you clucking. Well:
fancy it crave don’t

feed no wiser a
stomach or push living
a spell endure sick.
There’s yesterday a doctor.
About the nutrition is

everything you gotta eat
natural. So where find
always anywhere this natural?
Would fib lots stores
from label truth. Is
bodies differing machines built
to same behave?

Yinglish Strophes 33

Poetry is just for

sense yourself feelings from
pondering in. To make
a living doesn’t flow

that river. You took
up a profession that
kills the eyes. What
painters I’ll museum for?
The clear good ones

I can stay from far
shadows bloom sunning bright with
people crowd or few, only.
Rembrandt—he’s my pet painter.
We saw all his life.
Was going in a series.
Picasso—he’s new to me.

Yinglish Strophes 34

Noise up culture countering. Those

hippies! Still coverage they count
extreme the media. Why not
of your origin be civil?

Who else could blanketing you
that much? Your father— not
so natured ill. Only want
for him each items nice folded.
Mine: from me early cut ambulance

succumbs the house. To grow of
understanding you’ll older sweeten, too hippies
maybe. I have for you chocolate

cake a piece. Come. I have.

Thomas Fink a Professor of English at CUNY-LaGuardia, has published 12 books of poetry—including Zeugma (Marsh Hawk Press, 2022) and Selected Poems & Poetic Series (2016). He is the author of Reading Poetry with College and University Students: Overcoming Barriers and Deepening Engagement (Bloomsbury Academic, 2022), two books of criticism, and three edited anthologies. His work appeared in Best American Poetry 2007. Fink’s paintings hang in various collections.
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