Jessica Grim

Myanmar.22 [Mawlamyine Series 1]

Sky        through shades
of green
defining color
as it finally wanders into song
still        sounds spat

language missed now falls
from a page        softly a

verbal hinge        creaking
with its        own collateral

to stop
a thought
like that’s
a thing
too, naw?

tiny bird
dislodging dessicated
leaves from the
smallest branch

as might become
a past we
have little relation to
of having lived it

summer heat’s arrival
a full-body
greeting        for the confused

as scrutiny
a thing
could be lacking

A Fall

Loss understood
by the body as
a wide series
of small attacks and
several larger

while early
in the day the world
still seems to make some
kind of sense I worry
for the afternoon

the word revenant
the ‘good’ good bye

my own only child done up & detaining air
far afield
from what he grew up

a whole flock of them
pass through        detailing
biographical nesting trauma green
as green gets on that
grass there


Fixtures flicker
dying memes wailing in the dawn
of the meme wars

but since they behaved badly
when alive their deaths
are marked only
as tiny punctures
in the atmosphere

west of here where
sun rises later you
could weep for the dark
compression        of your thoughts

doubling generative pause in
a part of the language not able
to coordinate
with the writing – diversion
as designation

deranging effect
of animal elocution
& its aftermath
lets loose
flavor        from a word

on the sky
the sound
of orange

abandoned magic
fun lightness of granite,
and its curvature

not that we as a
people intended this

Jessica Grim is author of several books of poetry; recent work has appeared in Brooklyn Rail. Excerpts of a long-form collaboration with Melanie Neilson, The Autobiography of Jean Foos, have appeared in various magazines, and a recent collaboration with Melanie and Jean Foos, Alsop’s Tables, was published as a chapbook by Ragged Sky. She lives in NE Ohio.
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