Kristi Maxwell

Giant Panda
an extinction

Chromosomes form self’s reef—we reek of luck.
Shells overwhelm shore’s bosom: less jewelry, more leech.
Overwhelm me, Yoko. Be my ovum’s yolk.
My Elmer’s flubs, fuses lobe & bulb, skull & bloom.
Messy crumb of us crumbles more. We’re else.
Summer schemes brooks, muumuus, church of
mushrooms—morels. We seek some. We’re our souls’ humus,
yes? We observe lemurs floss creeks, loose
bush from rock. Reefer-less. Here, for you, four brews,
cheese, chemo for your cells, emo for your moors. Some hero.

an extinction

Moon’s tour of ponds reflects detours snow took

young snow’s ego-less melt

To unbecome to become

Our ego’s bordered by flowers slowest to boom

Our ego—murky cocoons       respond to
mournful coups: nest not (n’est knots)

To be lemur-less, to be stunned—country-less globes
bowls but no tongues, molested wool suddenly unmolested

Beefless cow       cowers not, kowtows to seed

Perky from sleep, bounty’s clone blesses bone

Nude skeletons emerge, sun-meek, body-keen

Monsoon-boosted, somebody’s desert’s wet dessert

Strung pole to pole, our closest story          bound to weep dry

Forests forget words, get lessons: remember
cruelty once took
bloom to be fester so left.

Green Turtle
an extinction

Who am I boss of? My iPod? My pick?

I had him as a sow has ham

If I sob a swamp, if I’m hid by sob-camo
If a swamp is Camp Sob—a soppy wish

Hiss—how is my wish a wash, a foam-sick soap?

Did I miss my sad hippo—a hammock of if?

Away, bossy iamb, who dams my said, my say
My FOMO is a hawk who hawks his doom

Is I a happy scab?

Bookish, mom picks commas as if a posy
A posh dick sways
I mop piss, dish posh food, famish

A wasp picks my body as a so-so dock

Whim my mood: I am a spoof, a shook shack,
da bomb’s damp wick

Kristi Maxwell is the author of seven books of poems, including My My (Saturnalia Books, 2020) and Bright and Hurtless (Ahsahta, 2018). Her books have been editor’s choice selections for the Sawtooth Poetry Prize and the Saturnalia Poetry Prize. She is an associate professor at the University of Louisville.
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