Laura Walker

psalm 84


i need
birds and hosts
some kind of color

to wait for you

we wade in pools and egrets
everyone appears
but you

i will cut myself into a thousand pieces
and give you one — i will stand in your door
and ignore the tents —


psalm 5


i will talk to you in the morning
by the washing machine

open window and salt
and shallow breezes

what you hate is what you hate

we are looking for a same thing


psalm 6


can you hear me

my bones are soft, unsaved

and wet : at night they are wet :

supple and waxed, ashamed

of themselves


psalm 99


i see you there.
or think i do :

perched on a fence with your pantsleg rolled up,
eating a pear or an apple, milk-creased spider
against your thigh

your name is a plucked thing in my mouth

a low chair, a cloudy


they are angry


psalm 2


a veined thing


let us break their hands
and hobble ourselves toward water

we are spore and pheasant :
we are reaved and speaking :


i will set you

a pot broken at the wheel




psalm 4


i grow large beneath my hands.
my fingers break and sway, the meat
of me besets.

i know you hear me.


chained to trees :
we slept and didn’t know it :

Note on the text:

These poems respond to individual psalms from the Book of Psalms, King James Version.

Laura Walker is the author of story (Apogee Press, 2016), Follow–Haswed (Apogee Press, 2012), bird book (Shearsman Books, 2011), rimertown/ an atlas (UC Press, 2008), and swarm lure (Battery Press, 2004), and the chapbook bird book (Albion Books, 2010). She grew up in rural North Carolina and now lives in Berkeley, California, where she teaches creative writing and battles the varroa mite. More information is available at
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