Adam Day

Dune Lahul

Air stiff with cracked leaves, dog
gray skies and sand, beetle-

carved cedar drifts. Boats
step through ice. Her belly

and breasts jut, hound drags
the leash down shore. Neighbor puts

wet clothes on wet skin,
the right nipple hardens. World bent

on splitting itself.

Cobalt Noso

Morning dew draping the Iroquois
PJs. Hood rats in the back;

rollin’ up a tree, green leaves
and all. High summer

prints their shadows
on a peeling wall. Slate-gray weeds.

Bulls. Blackberries.
Damn the lottery. Neighbor

has the sex drive
of a cicada. So, her husband’s left hand

is his own wife. Neighbor
steps out to the communal porch,

invites night
into her house robe. Birds sing

all the wrong words. The skunk
is fucked: horned

owl can’t smell. This today is all
that I can tell you: What I am not;

what I do not want.

Supush Holm

Neighbor believes everything
and nothing; everything is possible, nothing

true. Indri wails without complaint. It’s treed
with a stolen appl. Neighbors

believe most fantastic statements; nothing
to do with truth but opinions

which change. From opinions: persuasion
and not from fact. Fellow neighbors take

the pups; fence out adult. History
deformed by facts no longer

of the past; present world that holds
green eyes, smoke silk fur, tail without purpose.

Adam Day is the author of the forthcoming collections of poetry, Left-Handed Wolf (LSU Press), Model of a City in Civil War (Sarabande), and Badger, Apocrypha (PSA). He directs The Baltic Writing Residency in Sweden, Scotland, Blackacre Nature Preserve, as well as the Stormé DeLarverie residency for underrepresented writers. He also edits the forthcoming literary and culture magazine, Action, Spectacle.
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