Philip Kobylarz

Finite Eternities

Refraction, as simple as. Fly caught in the mystery of the house. Boxes of everything owned
and packed, are boxes
of what would be dire to forget. And, release. An alternative the same as its opposite. M and
N. Boundaries with sub-
silence. Coinciding with miracles in the everyday are electric outlets. Escape is offered: a hint
lime centered. Obsolete
grape is drained of its blood, a wart is left. Why gargoyles hold their heads up there,
cathedral found boring.
Pattern in the quilt, plan of a city never to be. Populace votes, the monument is: a lawn.


That the wishing-back-for is a prelude to come. To the vernissage of soil, welcome. Locks on
door handles, trinkets
which let it be. Configuration of spit and the walkway is made of tombstone. Granite by another
name is akin to granite.
Exposition, however permanent, is a displaying of mostly frames. Walking to the beach head
to catch a school
of waves. The end is an end and the beginning is a false start, towards making ends meet.

Philip Kobylarz has had recent work published in Connecticut Review, Basalt, Santa Fe Literary Review, New American Writing, Poetry Salzburg Review and Best American Poetry. His book, Rues, was recently published by Blue Light Press. His fiction collection, Now Leaving Nowheresville, has been recently published, and his book-length essay, Nearest Istanbul, is forthcoming.
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