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Artist’s Statement

If only we could mend the hole in the ozone with language, could use oration to staunch global warming. These poems are “place holders” in an ongoing manuscript called Darn—a book-space that contains my culturally produced apocalyptic angst. It also contains energy I generated by emptying and selling my mother’s house so she could migrate. Many of the images within the text are residue of/ reactions to “her” objects that now share the room I call my studio.

Lori Anderson Moseman’s poetry collections are Flash Mob (Spuyten Duyvil), All Steel (Flim Forum Press), Temporary Bunk (Swank Books), Persona (Swank Books), and Cultivating Excess (The Eighth Mountain Press). Her chapbooks are Host (Nous-Zot) and Walking The Dead (Heaven Bone). A collaboration with book artist Karen Pava Randall, Full Quiver, was released by Propolis Press in 2015. To celebrate writers and artists whose creativity buoys others, Anderson Moseman founded the press, Stockport Flats, in the wake of Federal Disaster #1649, a flood along the Upper Delaware River. Recently, her poetry has appeared in: 100WordStory, Barzakh, dislocate, divide, Dusie Magazine, Epoch, In/Filtration: An anthology of Innovative Poetry from the Hudson Valley, PEEP/SHOW: A Taxonomic Exercise in Textual and Visual Seriality, Opon, Portland Review, Stolen Island, Terrain.org: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments, Trickhouse.org, Tonopah Review, The Volta.org., Water~Stone, Zarf and Zócalo Public Square.
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