Sheila E. Murphy


She smooths leaves across
the floor, adds twigs, makes warm


He is drawn to her magnetic
pulse, repeats his path


Something felt is formed
in motion patterned
toward a modest depth.


From outside, this plate block
comes apart, as perforations


History endures itself within
dimensions possibly unseen.
The palpable act of witness, witnessing.


Parentheses are clothes
daylight allows in
the idea of a polished hinge.


What syllabic inference
concedes to the cilantro
spritz amid more green.


Terrain lined with few purposes
contains endorphins as a viaduct
revealing the way through.


Pounce marks levitate a posse
of connect points making a broad blanket
high and light.


Solos drive routine
to distal fugues

Warm windows
lift attention to the hammock

replete and laboring to father
unfamiliar blood

to blips on woodwind fingerings,
a tuft of infancy in water.

The Two Worlds

Fresh from the melon aisle
Melinda forms a lane change
Her new daughter finds
Mercy in a cup and channels

Peace qua redundant light
across the awnings
green tuned
seeming limber.

The father pearled
in charitable trusts means
imitation sanctity
as megaphoned injunctions

toward persons caught on screen
admitting tactical mix
of testosterone braced
for toppling of the stacks.

Sheila E. Murphy lives in complementary worlds. Here is a view of her other side.
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