Jeffrey Jullich


suddenly, — “without warning” or premonition
(but who is there to warn us? Of danger? A town crier?)

metamorphosis of seraphim
once hobbled club-footed,
knotted forehead untied

the rate of change through time as a medium
held within The Seven Invisibilities

lying behind what’s evident
and intentionally, by a violence, concealed so as to deceive

All at once crawling naked occurs
Unforeseen to sit up bare happens
Spontaneously lying down nude takes place

all that’s said, un-said
about them, surrounding them as a coral reef,
near-fatal details differ
casually, off-the-cuff, in passing:

There are velvety petals on pansies, —
mundane daily life in a setting (scenery)
measured by discrepancies
or Nostradamus contradictions, — tragic

The Lower Case “i”


an island without flowers — has no use for insects — nor rain — the sidewalk
is one, continuous bridge — it is — that goes from puddle — to a stoppage, a cloud

hung between my life — and life itself, a comma hung — a speck
blocked off — my going on — my coming home stopped short — at once

a mote of dust threatened to crush — the City of God — under a faint
impression — and swarms of angels — shuffled their wings, random — wanton —

my feet left foot prints — on the ceiling — of the cell — a “learn-to-dance” cloth
the blood rushed to —my headlessness — a guard thumbed the key — a jaw-harp

no icicles — drip on eaves — or parking meters — since the smith hammered
them unveiled — on a cold anvil — to envelope the closest slave — in the clearest links

everything on two legs — starts to flap — going higher — The two-legged tripod —
the barbecue grill — until no room is left — in skies dyed blue — for old clouds

intelligence is only — a fraction — a niche for omniscience, punctual canings
for forgetting how to spell — ignorance is the numerator — the viscous unguent

My tail tucked between my legs — my cloven heels — its point arrowhead
designates a matchstick, intact — Robins, also — ready for a redder scene


I died too late — to see life — on a barren planet — a dozen
pebbles — in an egg carton — so i cleaned my spectacles — to see inertia

thunderheads — knocked at the front — door, undressed. a raindrop
pressed the buzzer — i spoke — to an intercom — in the dark, calm

i asked “the housefly” — for a sugar cube — my tombstone, a postage stamp
entomology explains — the sleeping larva — muttered a lullaby

maggots wear a simple mask — a face without a visor — or make-up
gnawing at — the looking glass — reflections carry germs — sepsis

the anthill is a monotonous — zoo — in this picture of the ground
i forget where i am — Atlas dragging a breadcrumb — up a steep slope

doors, walls, ceiling, floor — are all one — churning horizon — that erases
the chalkboard of the sky — by rote — i learn zero — naught — synonyms

Jeffrey Julich has two books published: Thine Instead Thank (Harry Tankoos Books, 2007) and Portrait of Colon Dash Parenthesis (Litmus Press, 2010). His work has been published in a variety of literary journals, including Fence, New American Writing, and Poetry; and audio recordings and videos of his readings are included on the Poetry Foundation website and Youtube. Videos of American Lit: The Hawthorne-Melville Correspondence, an opera whose libretto he wrote, are also available on Youtube. He was the publisher and editor of the literary journal, Logopoeia. He has poetry recently published or forthcoming in Boog City, The Brooklyn Rail, e-ratio, The Equalizer, Nerve Lantern; No, Dear; Noon, Otoliths, The Otter, Spiral Orb, the St. Sebastian Review, and Touch the Donkey.
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