Carl Heyward

Artist’s Statement

Paying attention need not be a stress but a meditative process; an observation of the elements of existence viewed openly and with equanimity, neither exalting or diminishing the value of things as they are or present themselves; the value of the story intrinsic to their combinations and juxtapositions resonating in ways hopefully poignant and new.

…Like a movie we walked into the middle of … ours is a fragmented existence, cobbled together; challenging a perspective both flawed and poetic, toward an approximate accuracy that seeks to define and reconcile so-called reality; a facsimile of earnest truth, a rapid-fire cyber information glut combined with old-guard pulp and electronic media hustle on religio-politico pulpit bearing news of new opportunities in the greed and self-aggrandizement market. Distance is the philosophy, acquisition is the sutra that ties it all together… what’sa matter you? … memory is unreliable … so these cultural ghosts and hallucinations are nailed to the gallery cross for veneration, contemplation, or possible exorcism, as you will.

Carl Heyward is an artist and writer from San Francisco, the founder of Global Art Project, and a workshop facilitator in the US, Mexico, and Italy. His workshops are highly attended sessions of hands-on
investigations in painting, collage, print making and artists’ books for creative people of all levels of experience. He is a mixed-media artist whose recent or upcoming exhibitions include UNLEASHED GALLERY (California), GAP : SF INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL (“Dada Here and Now”), GAP: ROOM ART GALLERY” By Collaboratve Means” (Mill Valley, California), THE FOURTH WALL GALLERY (Oakland California), GAP: CARLOS BUELNA GALLERY@MUSEO DE ARTE MODERNO DE MAZATLAN (Mazatlan, Mexico), and 10dence GALLERY “Poligious Issues” (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 2017.
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