James Rauchman

Artist’s Statement

The work in this gallery was done in 2012-13. Each of these paintings is a doodle that grew. Call them Automatic Paintings. I draw a lot… it’s almost a compulsion… and I believe in those techniques that the Surrealists devised to uncover a little of the unconscious mind. Pollock is the epitome of an artist who took this technique and ran with it. I really didn’t know where each of these paintings would end up when I started, but I liked playing with the illusion of space and volume that seemed to flip around sometimes. In the process I was questioning my neurotic self, and looking for a freer, more individual style. That is an ongoing pursuit up to this very day.

James Rauchman lives on the Upper West Side of New York near Columbia University with his partner of almost 28 years. They got married last year, after DOMA was overturned by the Supreme Court. He received an MFA from Columbia in Painting in 1987, although he has been showing his work since 1979, in Philadelphia and New York. Most recently he took part in a group exhibition at Sideshow Gallery in Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn, that closed on March 3, 2014. His paintings are in numerous private collections, as well as public collections such as The Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Barnard College, and The Educational Testing Service and Squibb Pharmaceuticals — both of Princeton, New Jersey.


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