Michael Keenan

After Rimbaud on/ the Moonwalk

Apartment one

is vacant.

What vanity, to think

my friend and

I could last.

Chartreuse dawn, mystical river, we laugh

at the morning joggers.

What arrogance, to


my heart’s

summer was an amber crow in

an eternal film noir.

The Guermantes Way

A train to Brussels, a French
song, May

there be moonlight when I a-

In the river of 862 diamond-mirrors

Meadowlarks, and a few stars

long names, names

you make up.

We’ll take three footsteps. Aphrodite will breathe. We’ll bring Rimbaud’s

rib-basket to live on forever.

Michael Keenan’s first book of poems, Translations On Waking In An Italian Cemetery, will be released by A-Minor Press in the spring of 2014. His writing has appeared in the PEN Poetry Series, Fence, Alice Blue Review, RealPoetik, NYQ Reviews, inter|rupture, Shampoo, Paul Revere’s Horse, and Arsenic Lobster, among others. Michael currently talks to people at Columbia University.

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