Francis Pavy

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Artist’s Statement

My work stems from the southern narrative storytelling tradition. Common subjects for me are the folk-life and folklore of the local people juxtaposed against the fabric of everyday American life. I am particularly interested in music, musicians and the musical traditions of Louisiana and the South.I strive to capture, reflect and inspire the universal by touching the immediate. A broad spectrum of people identify with my work because they can relate to the sublime, ordinary, mundane and iconic imagery I create. By touching the local or accessible experience they are able to touch the universal.

A lifelong resident of Louisiana, Francis X Pavy was born in Lafayette on March 2, 1954. He graduated in 1976 with a fine arts degree in sculpture from The University of Southwestern Louisiana. In 1977, Pavy started working in a glass shop, making leaded and beveled glass windows. He opened his own glass studio in 1982. In 1985, he adopted painting as his primary medium, but he continues to work in many other media as well, including prints, constructions, sculpture, glass, video, and installation.