Cynthia Carlson

Artist’s Statement

I began this group of paintings by connecting several different sized canvases together, making a shaped surface of complex edges as a starting point. The painted surfaces evolved running the gamut of possibility from geometric abstraction to modulated fields, and includes eccentric shapes invented purely for themselves. Sometimes they conform to, sometimes openly defy, the physical boundaries of individual canvases. The process includes a great deal of serendipity, and the results reflect a playfulness in the use of shape, color and contradictory spaces. Artist friends have likened them to puzzles or games, which I find appealing.

Born in Chicago, Cynthia Carlson ( moved to NYC in 1965 for graduate studies in art. Her 50 year career includes over 45 one person exhibits in galleries and museums in the USA. Awards include a Rockerfeller Foundation Award, NY Foundation for the Arts Grant, 3 National Endowment for the Arts Grants and others. She is represented in numerous museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum,and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. She has also traveled extensively in the USA and Europe, living in Italy for several years.