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Nathan Brujis was born in 1971 in Lima, Peru. He studied art and philosophy at Brandeis University and graduated from the American University of Washington with a master’s degree. He has been awarded the Deborah Josepha Cohen Memorial Award for Excellence in Painting in 1992, the New York Studio School Faculty Award in 1994, and il Premio per la Pittura Lorenzo il Magnifico at the Florence Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea in 2001 and 2003. He has exhibited extensively in New York, Lima, Peru, and Italy. He lives and works in New York.
Artist’s Statement

My paintings and drawings have evolved over time and continue to do so. They have undergone several shifts, like the one in 1996 when my work became completely non- objective. At that time I abandoned any direct representation of recognizable objects in favor of the abstract forces of two-dimensional images to convey the meaning in the works. Nevertheless, the works continued to carry the feeling of nature. I allowed them to remain on the side of the expressive and lyrical through a painting process of instant reaction and subconscious image searching. I never know what a work is going to be when I begin. Each piece is its own search, related to other works of the same period via form and content. Some works find themselves quickly while others take years to make. Some are like a song or a short story while others are more like a complex symphony or novel.

All the paintings and drawings arrive at their own image. To achieve this image, I allow personal experiences, events and ideas of the times, nature, mood, my environment, the art of the past, and most importantly the visual language I have developed over the past 14 years, to come together and create a sense of place. This place, a window or mirror into a landscape, still life, or por­trait, made up of simple geometric forms arranged in layers and organized in groups, solidifies into a multidimensional experience of color, space, meaning, and light.

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