Helena Starcevic

Artist’s Statement

My natural state of observation and inquiry informs both my perspective and my process. Beginning with the construction of multiple smaller forms, the elements are then assembled into larger compositions or installations. This repetitive study becomes a meditative exploration of each as an individual or idea. The surfaces are unadorned, monochromatic. Each component is imbued with a symbolic, ritualistic aspect that gives it its own identity, strength and purpose. Combined, a new meaning and purpose occurs. They reference the spine, the air we breathe or a cellular structure. Some hang in space; but they are all communities.

It was camping expeditions in the California desert which formed my appreciation for the stark beauty of nature’s deceptively barren landscapes. My ultimate goal is to bring this deference to my work.

Originally from Southern California, Helena Starcevic moved to New York City in the eighties, working as an RN. She has lived in Paris, traveled extensively in Europe and Latin America, and calls Mexico her soul’s home. She just had her first major solo show at Five Points Gallery in Connecticut, and is currently included in the Northeast Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition. Her studio is in the South Bronx.
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