Louisa Waber

Artist’s Statement

I’ve made hundreds of these drawings in the last five years. They are small in scale – generally about 5″x7″ – and mostly done with watercolor and ink, and sometimes graphite, pastel and charcoal. Lately I’ve been including collage elements. I work in a loose way. Occasionally starting and finishing a drawing in one sitting, but more often I start a drawing and toss it aside, then pick up another from a pile strewn on my studio floor and add a line here and a shape there. Eventually it speaks to me – or it doesn’t. I have many drawings that I considered finished until I looked at them weeks, months or years later, and realized that they were in need of “something” or had too much of something else. It’s all subjective, and my judgement varies from one time to another. Every stroke or mark, line or color exists only in the moment it was done. Five minutes later it would be some other mark, line or color. I can’t repeat one of these drawings, or even try to copy it.

Louisa Waber has had two two-person shows at the Painting Center, has been in numerous group shows in NYC and elsewhere, and had a one-person show at the Goatshed Gallery in Brooklyn in 2012. She studied art at Cornell University and the New York Studio School. Her studio is in Williamsburg.Her website is http://www.louisawaber.com.
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