Arthur Gonzalez

Artist’s Statement

I am a symbolist. The work that I make has a job to do. In respect for the oldest usage of art, the work poses questions regarding the unknowns of day to day life. All of my work has the specific intent to convey a personal complexity that challenges the viewer by walking into a kind of mystery through the appearance of a narrative. Every piece that I make is unique in terms of how it begins. In the case of “The Space between the Shadow and the Floor”, the piece began with the title itself. What is in a title? Originally, this title was more like a metaphysical phrase. I wanted to explain a space that does not really exist in nature, the idea that a shadow on the floor is actually sandwiching an invisible space that is known but cannot be found, and as a result becomes an idiom for “faith”. On the other hand, the basic pose in “Broken Magic” is reminiscent of nineteenth century genre painting of the curious little girl who holds up a bug. The pose is a visual metaphor for curiosity and discovery as she contemplates an inner ear, my personal symbol for balance. The history of myth is the history of understanding reality through story and representations. Myth is a tool for the clarification of life, as a periscope is for the skies.

Arthur Gonzalez is an internationally exhibiting artist with over fifty one-person shows in the last thirty years, including eight in Manhattan, New York. He has received many awards including the Virginia Groot Foundation twice and is an unprecedented four-time recipient of the National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship within a ten-year period. He is a tenured Professor at the California College of the Arts (formerly CCAC) where he was chair of the ceramics program from 1995-2006. Gonzalez has been an artist-in-residence in many places including University of Georgia, Athens, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Penland School of Craft, North Carolina, University of Akron in Ohio, Tainan National University in Taiwan, and Pilchuck Glass School in Washington.

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